Possible key match of the group, said Čaččič before retaliation against Vrbovi

Three years ago, the coach Ante Čacic failed to finish with Maribor against Plzeň and Pavel Vrba then fell to 1: 3 and 0: 1. Now both coaches Unibet sports betting online meet again. Zagreb, a 62-year-old native of Zagreb, will go to the Croatian national championship in a European Championship match Friday against the Czech team and he believes that he will be better off against Vrb this time.

“I remember Vrba Viktoria was better then us. that’s a great coach, so now he’s been training the national team, and I’m totally respecting him, but this is another situation.I am a coach of the national team and I have much better players than I had in Maribor three years ago, “said Cacic at a press conference in the Friday match.

While his team defeated Turkey 1 at the start of the Unibet tournament : 0, the Czechs have succeeded in defeating the title of Spain. “They played an amazing match against Spain. It was very balanced and the goal was scored in the last minutes. But they will play against us differently, they will try to win. I hope we will start like Turkey, with whom we have been focused for 90 minutes, “ said Čačic.

Croatia will make progress towards the elimination phase and it can be advantageous for it and draw. “We will not calculate, we will play for victory. We want to dominate the match and give at least one goal.But we have a heavy opponent who is at least on the Unibet same level as the Turks. Maybe it will be the most important match of the group, “ was meant by Cacic.

He wants to give his team mainly to Czech captain Tomas Rosicky ” He is the main character of the team, their game. He is the most experienced player in the middle of the field. We have to defend him a lot and all of them watch him. “

The Croats will play also for the Unibet deceased father of Captain Darius Srna, and his father also died of the goalkeeper’s trainer. our husband’s husband died. It is a very difficult situation for all, but we have to compare it. It may even make us even more motivated, ” said Cacic.

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