Sousa won the Champions League, now under pressure in Fiorentina

And it’s not in a very light situation. Fiorentina has entered this season Serie A infamous, and the Italian media have been speculating for the Portuguese team’s early days for the past few weeks. The club from Florence has officially denied this information at the beginning of September, but in recent days there have been reports that Sousa has a knife on his neck, and if he does not win the next three games – the first one in Liberec – he will be removed.

After Sunday’s unbranded draw with Bergamo, the Fiorentino fans headed with Sousa. The ambitious team came to 14.a place of the table, only three points from the descent bars, and the club’s management said they expect more from the coaches, but it is not a crisis, but just a “bad season.”

The coach himself took the sports whistle. “It does not bother me because fans pay for tickets, and if they fail, they have the free bets right to express dissatisfaction,” Sousa told the Italian press. “At this moment, we are not doing anything. We do not score goals that we could change last year. We have to concentrate on ourselves and get out of it. ”

His coaching career started in 2005 at the Portuguese representation under 15 years.Then he worked as an assistant to Carlos Queiroz at the A-team of Portugal. His first chance in the position of the main club coach was given in the fall of 2008 when he took over the English Queens Park Rangers. There, however, he worked for only half a year, and he did not even have an engagement in Swansea and Leicester.

In 2011 Sousa surprisingly left for Hungary’s Videoton Székesfehérvár. And here he managed to start a coaching betting app mobile career. Videoton led twice to the second place of the Hungarian leagues and also to the basic group of the European League. There followed an engagement in the Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv and Swiss Basel. With both teams he was able to win the league competition and signed a contract with Fiorentina last July.In his first season with the Italian team, a former elite midfielder led Fiorentina to Serie A fourth and thus to the European League. At the end of the year, however, he admitted that his work was mentally exhausted.

“There is tremendous competition among Italian coaches, and everyone is hard to beat. I’ve been investing a lot of energy and I’ve reached a stage where I feel tired. But it’s my fault that I have to fix, “Sousa said.

Despite the current whistle of the Fiorentino fans, Liberec will be one of the most powerful rivals he has ever encountered. Just remember her recent crushing victory 5: 1 over Azerbaijan’s Karabakh.

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